pNRG :: the pmacct's Network Resource Grapher

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pNRG is a package for maintaining and visualizing network data, particularly suited for historical trend analysis of network resources. pNRG doesn't need any explicit configuration and is able to auto-discover, mantain and graph new resources (either IPv4/IPv6 end hosts, network segments, MAC addresses, Autonomous Systems, etc.) as soon as they produce a traffic footprint.

pNRG at a glance:
* Easily displays network data collected through pmacct, regardless of the data source, ie. the network itself, NetFlow or sFlow.
* Straight to your preferred web browser from a couple of pmacct's memory plugins, without the need to configure or define anything.
* No need to rotate, mantain or update anything once the package is in place.
* Just a working installation of pmacct, RRDtool and an Apache supporting execution of CGIs are required.

While it has been over-simplified, specifically tailored to network usage and written from the scratch, most of its concepts are deeply rooted inside the NRG project. For the task, pNRG gets data from a couple of pmacct's memory plugins and relies over RRDTool for graphs and CGIs.


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Size: 9909 bytes | Date: 28-Dec-2006

a) A working pmacct installation. pnrg interacts only with pmacct client and expects to find it as /usr/local/bin/pmacct

b) A working RRDtool installation. pnrg interacts with both rrdtool exec and rrdcgi. It expects to find a RRDtool installation under /usr/local/rrdtool

c) A working web server with support for CGIs. Apache is highly recommended. pnrg doesn't interact in any way with the web server, but in order to work correctly, it's expected the spool directory to be browseable (and because of the CGIs, executable aswell) by a web browser.

Licensed under The GNU General Public License, Version 2.

Any comment is warmly welcome. Feel free to contact me for bugs, critics, requests, suggestions or even for a simple feedback with your opinions about the work done at: